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* Dr. Z (from China) reads, hears, and understands English well but needed a clear, English language thesis for earning her PhD.  The well-researched doctoral thesis content was all there, but it needed both re-organization and rephrasing.  Dr. Z is now a professor in an American university.

* Dr. H (an obstetrician from China) faced four publication rejections, then found Maynard Clark.  After his careful rewrite with content-sensitive rephrasing, she published her paper successfully.

* Dr. K (from the Middle East) worked vigorously on researching emerging problems in a host nation but faced repeated rejections from publishers. Repeated publication success with Maynard Clark's edits makes Dr. K. a regular customer.

Are you an international scientist or researcher needing to publish in English, though your first language is NOT English

Make life so much easier for yourself so you can focus more energy on what you do best: time-sensitive research.

Let an excellent English-language editor with deep, extensive education and understanding - and many years of publications experience - prepare your final submission for publication (and save you the time, uncertainty, and unhappiness that come from guessing - and greatly improve your likelihood for publication).  It's very cost-effective!
  • Skilled Language-Based Services 
  • (Editing, Transcription)
    Excellent in-house English language skills
  1. Diverse experience
  2. Extensive vocabulary
  3. Broad topical comprehension in many areas
Seven (7) years editing experience:
(i)   technical, scientific, and other papers for publications
(ii)  academic papers submitted for a grade
academic theses and term papers
(iv) PowerPoints for lectures
(v)  deep editing - analysis of outline, idea development, logical flow

Specializing in editing the quality work done by non-native-English speakers, specifically scientists, lawyers, physicians, and other professionals and researchers.
  • Studying inside the United States and submitting papers and theses in American and other English-speaking universities?
  • Giving talks and other presentations before English-speaking audiences?
  • Writing for publication?
Let us polish your work so that your A+ level work is appreciated as the A+ work that it is!
If you're truly competitive, you may need this extra edge, this extra polish for your writings and presentations!

  1. Broad multi-disciplinary topical comprehension enhances audio recognition (of words, phrases, ideas), resulting in great accuracy
  2. Fast, accurate transcription saves you money
  3. Decades of typing and transcription experience, and early musical training results in excellent hand-ear-brain coordination and much faster and more accurate typing
Fees are very competitive.
Meeting all your needs with one click

Business Services:
  • Graphic and Internet
  • Web Design
  • Web Services
    Shopping Carts
    Integrated Mail
    Site Analytics

Community Development
  • Recent graduate training in management, research administration, and science-related topics.  
  • Many years of Board service in nonprofit and community organizations.  
  • MarCom, business management, fundraising, strategic planning expertise.

Our Founder: Maynard S. Clark
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  • Maynard Clark has studied at Harvard and other fine universities
  • He has worked for the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health since 2007 and had worked for Harvard Medical School before that.  
  • Maynard Clark has worked on both operational and management ends of business support services and brings broad, deep, enriching experiences from academic, corporate, engineering, financial, nonprofit, public policy, and scientific research sectors.
  • He was a National Spelling Bee contestant and reads text aggressively.  Your errors are unlikely to elude him.
  • Maynard Clark serves on several boards of business, community health, scientific research, personal health and wellness, and housing organizations.  He's a problem solver.
Talk with us about our modest rates for quality work done for you.

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Our Founder: Maynard S. Clark
LinkedIn | ResearchGate | | Google+ | Xing | Blog Links Twitter | Facebook | Google Profile | VegWeb  | Wikipedia