Wednesday, December 13, 2017

English editing for native AND non-native speakers

Proficiency and competence in the most widely spoken language across the world—English!

§  Appropriately format the manuscript so that it conforms to academic conventions in terms of citation style, layout, section headings, and tense usage

§  Preservation of the author’s intended meaning even in papers where the content requires extensive revision

§  Extensive subject matter expertise

§  Many years of relevant experience with academic editing and copy editing

§  Knack for diligently editing, restructuring, and polishing articles written by non-native speakers

* Freelance editor(s) can also thoroughly format the manuscript according to mentioned journal guidelines when client opts for a journal formatting service

* The editor reads the manuscript for clear comprehension and seeks to understand the lines of argumentation, working with the original author(s) in order to seek and produce the clearest possible means of stating the argument in the language of publication.

* Deep editing when requested

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