Wednesday, April 25, 2018

$50 per hour for high-level, professional editing, with a $50 minimum service fee for all projects. 
To give you a rough idea of what this means, for editing work where the author’s writing is rough but understandable, I will often complete 3-4 pages in an hour (maybe more). 

For heavier editing work, where re-writing is required, and in some cases where the writer’s first language is not English, I can usually complete about 3 pages per hour.
  • PhD thesis from Northeastern (in Chinese legal history)
  • medical, biomedical research, and clinical research papers for publication in high-SEO refereed medical journals - and papers that had been rejected once or twice were published AFTER I worked on them.
  • I also have co-authored publications in refereed journals...
For longer documents or more extensive projects, this hourly rate may not apply. Instead, we will provide you with a total project rate based on the initial draft you send us.

The 'serial comma' (a.k.a. Oxford comma or Harvard comma) is preferred stylistically and functionally.

Important note about File Types:

I can provide expert editing for all documents sent in Microsoft Word format. 
I am unlikely to be able to edit documents sent in PDF format, but I would try.
I may possibly be able to work with your Google Docs or Open Office (".odt") files
Thank you for understanding these limitations. 

Here the editing specializations are for...
  • Dissertations and doctoral theses
  • Master's theses 
  • Master's level "Capstone" papers 
  • Medical, scientific, and economics journal articles
  • Personal statements and application essays 
  • Resumes and CVs (including Harvard University CV format)

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