Monday, February 4, 2019

Food service vs. how humans at large are actually eating

Is there a way to get a STRATEGIC sense of the PROPORTION of conventional restaurant CHAINS where vegetarian and vegan entrees are featured as vegan or vegetarian? What that MEANS is that we would be looking AT what certain TYPES of business are doing, and they want to keep their businesses viable (not merely respond to 'pressure'). But how are those 'service changes' working out for their businesses and how were those service enhancements designed and implemented?

That is only ONE possible measure, and IMO it does NOT address the general population - only how businesses make business OUT of paying portions of that general population. It's significant, but in itself it's not determinative.

That could be INDEXED against the growing proportion of the general human population in each nation who claim to be (i) vegan and/or (ii) vegetarian.

I wonder whether or not some 'vegan strategic planners' could think how far along we are in accomplishing the historic shift away from reliance upon animal exploitation for food and toward evidence-based health-supporting whole foods plant-based diets for the general population.

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